Intake & Exhaust Valves for 2000-2006 Mini Cooper S Supercharged 1.6L Engines

Supertech Intake & Exhaust Valves for 2015-2020 Mini Cooper S Turbocharged 2.0L Engines

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Intake & Exhaust Valves for 2015-2020 Mini Cooper S Turbocharged 2.0L Engines

Head Diam: 30.10mm (STD)
Stem Diam: 4.96mm
Length: 99.50mm
Material: Black Nitride
Groove Type: Single Groove
Valve Type: Intake
Quantity: 8

Head Diam: 28.5mm (STD)
Stem Diam: 5.95mm
Length: 100.1mm
Material: Inconel / Sodium Filled
Groove Type: Single Groove
Valve Type: Exhaust
Quantity: 8

Note: Must use Supertech Single Groove Keepers (Two per valve)
KPR-5.0/7S - Intake
KPR-6S/7 - Exhaust

*Complete Set of 8 Intake and 8 Exhaust Valves*

Our stainless steel intake valves are manufactured from an enhanced version of EV8 (21-4N) steel. We have chosen this material specifically because it’s the highest grade of steel available and provides the strength to withstand just about any application. Our exhaust valves are made from EV16 (21-8N) or EV8-Nb/w for even greater strength at higher temperatures. Our stainless steel valves are one piece forged valves, and depending on the application feature hardened tips, hardened seats, swirl polish, undercut, and our black nitride coating. Our black nitride coated valves feature a harder surface area and a smoother finish, providing less friction and subsequently longer life.

Supertech manufactures a variety of high performance Inconel valves for many applications. Supertech Sodium Filled Valves made of Inconel / Nimonic alloy offer a significant reduction in valve head temperatures that are required for today’s modern turbo engines. A cooler valve improves the material strength and durability while allowing the tuner more flexibility and a wider range of spark timing advances. Combine that with an  average weight reduction of 10% and there isn’t a cooler valve on the market.